Remotely Kyōgen: Comedy Under the Virtual Stars

Guest Artist in (Digital) Residence with Shigeyama Sennojō III (Dōji). A journey prepared for the virtual realm featuring a traditional play— Sword Stealing (Tachiubai), presented in Japanese with English titles (by Julie A. Iezzi); a translated and localized play, Mango Yamabushi (from Kakiyamabushi, translated by Jane Traynor); and new kyōgen-inspired student work including Earthbound (by Iana Weingrad and the cast), a “kyōmedia” bringing together commedia dellʻarte and kyōgen in Mask Confusion (by Catherine Ann Restivo); and an adaptation of the traditional play Kusabira for the virtual realm, MushZooms 2.0 (adapted by Jane Traynor). Read digital playbill here.