Diary of a Martian

Dear Diary,

Today is the day to show Martian Captain how prepared we are for our takeoff to planet earth! And what do I have to deal with? Martian Jirō not knowing where the engine button is! Not only that, but he also doesn’t even know how it works! The truth is, I don’t know how it works either. But I am a hard enough worker and a good enough co-captain to tell Martian Captain with confidence that I know what I’m doing. Hmph. Maybe if Martian Captain had just put me in charge of the whole mission we would’ve already been on our way. Starting the engine is a very big task and Martian Jirō got to take the lead on it (much to my dismay!).

However, something very, very exciting happened during the start of our mission today. Martian Captain sent Martian Jirō and I back to the engine room to figure out how exactly to start the engine. While we were looking around—and I might add I was looking 10 times harder than Martian Jirō was—I couldn’t stop thinking about one thing. The BBB. The big blue button! Martian Captain did warn us not to press it because something very bad will happen, and I’m not sure exactly what. Something to do with a space-time distortion. But I was so curious and was just dying to know what would happen! Martian Jirō kept trying to tempt me to just press the BBB instead of getting the engine started. He stood there, distracting me, and trying to get me off task. Like the good co-captain I am, I tried hard to remain true to the task at hand and go on with our mission.  It’s, I must admit, I did fall into temptation and told him I was dying to know what would happen. So, we both turned our attention to that big shiny blue gleaming button. And on the count of three, we pressed it! Do you know what happens next? Time went in reverse and we were left with a dizzying, fuzzy feeling! It was…great! I can’t believe I never knew what the BBB was really for! There was no way we’re going to tell Mark and Captain, after all, we would’ve gotten in big trouble. So, every time Martian Captain came back and asked us how we were doing we just decided to press it again! Round and around we went, going back in time and reliving this dizzying, fuzzy, great feeling! Then, the third time around, Martian Captain caught up to us and figured out what we were doing. We were caught red-handed and before we could make up for it, when we started the engine, and something went wrong and the whole thing just exploded! Oh, Martian Captain was so angry… I don’t know how he’s going to forgive us this time!

Two actors dressed in futuristic clothing in martian makeup against a control room background cover their ears and lean away from a box containing a simple crest shaped like a person's head located between them.

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