Costume Design

The costume design for Remotely Kyōgen was a result of the collaboration between three different costume designers; Isabella Dixon (MFA Costume Design Candidate,) Hannah Schauer (UHM Costume Shop Manager,) and Maile Speetjens (UHM Assistant Professor of Costume Design.) As this production was composed of a number of individual pieces, individual pieces were allocated between the three designers, and they internally collaborated to ensure that all of the pieces were looking cohesive and of the same production. From outer space to the mango orchards of Kaua’i to the world of Kyomedia (kyōgen-commedia,) the costume design team was responsible for the design and execution of these pieces.

Because Remotely Kyōgen was rehearsed and performed remotely, all costume fittings also needed to be conducted remotely. This involved orchestrating costume distribution (either through pickup appointments or shipments) and “zoom fittings and screen tests” where the costume team would fit clothing, explore makeup designs, and check clothing against that notoriously fickle green screen to ensure that costumes read properly against the digital scenic elements. 

In summation, the design process from start to finish was a great experience, full of discoveries, opportunities for artistic expression, and some much-needed joy and laughter! We hope that you enjoy viewing this as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Mango Yamabushi & MushZooms 2.0

Mask Confusion & Great Great Grandma Reitzal


Two actors dressed in metallic and red garments with painted faces cover their ears and lean away from a third actor in yellow and gold holding her fingers up to her painted face