Additional Resources

Fundamentals of Nōgaku (English and Japanese): 

Nogaku Performer’s Association (English and Japanese): 

UNESCO (English and Japanese): 

The University of The Arts Helsinki:

History and Scholarship

Brandon, James R. Nō and Kyōgen in the Contemporary World. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1997.

Iezzi, Julie, and Jonah Salz, eds. Asian Theatre Journal 24, no. 1 (2007) (Kyogen Edition)

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Salz, Jonah. “Kyogen: Classical Comedy.” In A History of Japanese Theatre. Edited by Jonah Salz. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016. 68–98.

Nōgaku YouTube Channels

Shigeyama Kyōgen: 

Ōe Nogaku Theatre (Some English Subtitles):

Virtual Traditional Theatre Training via the Kyoto Art Center (English Subtitles)*:

*This playlist also includes some videos on Nihon Buyō (Japanese Dance) which is not included in the genre of nōgaku.


Don Kenny: 

Otofu Kyōgen (Japanese): 

Doji Company (Japanese): 

Mansaku no Kai (Japanese): 

Ogasawara Tadashi (English and Japanese): 


Meijigakuin List of Translations:

Kyōgen Woodblock Prints

University of Pittsburgh, Kōgyo’s 50 Kyōgen Plays: 

Art Institute Chicago, Tsukioka Gyokusei’s 50 Kyōgen Plays: