Side Door

A small square door take located on the bottom left corner of a narrow wooden panel with green bamboo painted on it
The side door of the practice stage on the lower level of the Yokohama Noh Theatre in Yokohama, Kanazawa Prefecture

The side door (kirido guchi) is used for entrance and exits by actors preforming short dances (komai), chorus members, orchestra members, and stagehands (kōken). The door is small and square in size, requiring performers to duck their heads low in order to enter through it. Young, green bamboo is usually painted on the wall where the side door is located.

A ground level view looking up towards the noh stage from the "eye-fixing" pillar
The small size of the side door can be seen in comparison with the mirror board back panel of the noh stage. Kita Roppeita XIV Commemorative Noh Theatre, Shinagawa, Tokyo.